Logrus IT is an independent end-to-end provider of enlightened, tightly integrated, customized, agile, cloud-based content creation and transformation solutions. Our comprehensive technical know-how and unique skillset have been shaped by an extensive history of large, complex, projects:

  • Custom eLearning course creation, videos and trailers (including 2D and 3D animations);
  • Blog and web content production, copywriting, cultural adaptation, and community management;
  • End-to-end quality assurance and translation cloud portal solutions for end users;
  • Translation and localization across media types, including: games, multimedia, software, firmware, documentation, web content, and more;
  • Voiceover production and closed captioning;
  • Unique quality assurance and terminology creation, localization, and management solutions for 100+ world languages, including style guide and quality metric development and customization, work on standards, and more;
  • Website design, custom portal creation;
  • Brand book production;
  • Testing of original and localized games and software across platforms.

We identify optimal processes and quality levels for every combination of expectations, timelines, and budget restrictions, and fine-tune them for each customer and project line.

Our feedback-driven, agile approach, relentless pursuit of perfection and unmatched commitment to quality have continued to fulfill and surpass our clients’ expectations since 1993. Today, we uphold the client-centric tradition of delivering elegant, efficient, innovative solutions and providing the best overall value.

Logrus IT’s holistic approach to all content creation, transformation, processing relies on five core components:



We are an agile, creative, quality-oriented, resourceful, and dedicated company. We’re big enough to accommodate projects of any size and small enough to listen attentively and stay flexible and focused when it comes to your unique needs. We create innovative models, solutions, and elaborate processes rather than automatically deploying existing or copycat solutions.

  • Production offices in multiple offshore locations, offering worldwide presence and an optimal price-to-quality ratio.
  • Many years of experience in solving complex tasks.
  • High-tech expertise, in-house tools and know-how.
  • Proven direct service provider for top world companies like Ubisoft, Blizzard, Kaspersky, KIA, Logitech, MARS, McDonalds, Microsoft, Riot Games, Samsung, Turner Broadcasting System, Wargaming, Yandex, and many others.

Elegant end-to-end solutions:

  • Development and deployment of custom eLearning courses or videos/trailers, including scripting, content creation, stylization, graphics, animation, voiceover, closed captioning, music, etc., and finally, localization into multiple languages to ensure that your employees or clients around the world get the best, most seamless experience.
  • We can develop a website or a portal, add required automation and functionality, create content and/or reuse existing content and localize it for all key markets your company is interested in.

A consistent, uniquely qualified, distributed team with a strong in-house core

  • The majority of people working on all non-linguistic tasks, including project managers, designers, developers, quality assurance experts, sound engineers, etc. are permanent employees who work in-house.
  • All terminology, translation, and language quality work is only performed by carefully selected, trained, tested and trusted experts who are all native speakers and reside in their respective countries or regions.

Logrus IT excels in the area of complex, diverse, and niche language support services that require both a custom-built infrastructure and serious knowledge of specific areas, such as linguistic and goal-based quality assurance (LQA), source and target terminology, style guide development and maintenance, and others.

    • Tons of quality assurance- and terminology-specific experience;
    • Unique, universal 3D hybrid methodology for creating goal-based metrics. It allows us to objectively and methodically measure not only source or target language quality as such, but also quality of queries, search engine responses, descriptions of goods or services, level of satisfaction with advertising or video clips, etc.
    • Streamlined processes, including quality control and a terminology management system;
    • A network of linguists worldwide, covering both popular and rare languages. These experts have been working on LQA and terminology projects and the CLDR initiative for years and know all expectations and requirements in detail;
    • A strong core of language services and support gurus/consultants and solution/tool architects who can provide important higher-level services such as tool development, process planning and innovation, and high-level coordination.
    • An extensive history of providing diverse language support services for years to multiple major clients, including multiple teams at Microsoft (Bing, Global Readiness, Windows and Office International), Kaspersky, Yandex, and many others.
    • In-depth knowledge of all aspects of terminology creation and management, including the approach and philosophy, ISO standards, the CLDR project environment, geopolitical terminology management, terminology health, and much more.


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