Technical Translation

Technical Translation

Technical translation involves translating texts on technical or scientific topics (narrowly specialized articles, instruction manuals, blueprints, legal documents, etc.).

Logrus IT translates a wide variety of technical documents. Our specialists’ professional expertise and skill allow us to perform high-quality translations in fields such as:

Operating systems

Consumer electronics


Video games

Economics and finance

Industry and energy

Materials that require technical translation include:

  • Regulatory documents (legal documents, minutes, reports, reference materials, standards)
  • Scientific and scholarly texts (articles, descriptions, lectures, instructions, blueprints, patents, data sheets and other documentation)
  • Journalism and other media related to technical disciplines
  • Everyday communications (personal correspondence, conversations, etc.)

We work on technical texts in over 100 languages, including common European and Asian languages as well as less common languages such as Afrikaans, Quechua, Thai, Swahili, and more. Our technical translation workflow includes translation, editing, and proofreading. Each stage is performed by a native speaker who is familiar with the subject matter.

At the client’s request, we can also post-edit machine-translated technical documentation. Logrus IT also offers expert quality assurance (LQA) for technical translations that have been performed on the client side or by other companies. We ensure that all materials are consistent and terminologically correct, and we can also create a translation style guide.


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