Multilingual Localization

Multilingual Localization

Multilingual localization is a comprehensive process whose goal is to efficiently transmit information about a product or service in multiple languages simultaneously. It allows you to boost loyalty among a large number of consumers, which in turn leads to increased sales in foreign markets.

Statistically speaking, every dollar invested in software localization in the US yields 19 dollars of pure profit by attracting a new audience.

By coordinating the efforts of a team of professionals and using modern technology, Logrus IT can localize the following kinds of materials:

  • Software
  • Websites
  • Video games
  • Multimedia
  • Marketing and PR

During multilingual localization, we don’t just translate the text — we also adapt it based on the unique cultural features of the target countries. As a result, these materials are accepted as original works created in the target audience’s native language.

Why is this the wrong approach?

  • Only 35.2% of people online are native English speakers
  • 43% don’t speak English at all
  • 75% of consumers prefer products in their native language

We provide turnkey localizations into over 100 languages. These include the most common European and Asian languages, as well as less common languages such as Afrikaans, Quechua, Thai, Swahili, and more. All our translations adhere to a high standard of quality, which guarantees top-notch results.


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