Marketing Translation

Marketing Translation

Marketing translation refers to translating advertising texts and other promotional materials (presentations, press releases, video clips, brochures, etc.).

The goal of any marketing text is to pique the interest of a potential customer. When working with marketing materials, the translator’s primary goal is to properly interpret the source text and recreate it in another language in such a way that it has an identical effect on the reader.

Logrus IT’s specialists translate text, audio, and video in common European and Asian languages, as well as less common ones. In order to bring your ideas to a new audience while factoring in its unique national features, we don’t just localize marketing materials — we also adapt them to the target culture.

Our clients include Microsoft, Samsung, Logitech, Schneider Electric, KIA, Kaspersky Labs, and more.

We translate marketing materials such as:

  • Text (presentations, press releases, case studies, interviews)
  • Audio (interview transcripts, podcasts, jingles)
  • Videos and interactive materials (we translate and create video clips and training courses)
  • Illustrations (printed materials and other published items such as catalogs and brochures)

Our desktop publishing and translation projects always conform to the client’s exact specifications. At the client’s request, we can also perform additional stylistic editing or transcreation.

Logrus IT offers the following advantages when it comes to marketing translation:

  • Qualified, native-speaking translators
  • Efficient, time-tested workflow
  • Multi-tiered QA system
  • We have our own recording studio, so you won’t have to rent one
  • In-house animation, computer graphics, and video production specialists

How much does marketing translation cost, and how long does it take?

A project’s cost and time frame depend on several factors:

  • Source and target format — it’s easier to turn video into text than the other way around
  • Size of text, audio, video, and graphical materials
  • Industry, topic, and theme
  • Source and target language — it costs less to translate from English into French than from Urdu into Armenian

Cost can also be impacted by translation-adjacent services such as desktop publishing, creating visual materials, printing, and audio and video processing, all of which requires time and resources.

We would be more than happy to provide you with a quote and time frame for marketing translation services. Just leave your number below, and we’ll give you a call to go over all the details.

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