We’ve been expertly navigating the translation and localization landscape since 1993, so we understand that an instruction manual, a piece of software, and a marketing leaflet all require entirely different approaches, and we know how to deliver. From executing a full-scale ad campaign within your target market to the full-cycle localization and testing of an operating system — Logrus IT has you comprehensively covered.



  • We implement comprehensive quality processes and apply an in-house developed methodology for each of our projects.
  • We work with 100+ languages, including all major European and Asian languages, as well as 50+ rare languages (including Afrikaans, Quechua, Thai, Swahili, Urdu, and many others) that present challenges in the way of technical, organizational, or economic constraints and are uniquely qualified to overcome project hurdles through cultural understanding, smart project management, and extensive engineering support.
  • Having a department dedicated to research and development gives Logrus IT the opportunity to work on complex projects that require the involvement of programmers, engineers, and testers. The design department, in addition to their primary responsibilities, is actively involved in desktop publishing of translated materials.
  • Our greatest strength, of course, is the people we employ. The specificity of our work requires not only linguistic talent, but a diverse team of project managers, graphic and web designers, programmers, sound engineers, editors, and many other roles.


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