Logrus IT offers language quality assurance (LQA) as a standalone service for independently checking the in-house work of our clients or third parties. We also do internal, fully independent spot-checks of our own work as part of our process and apply the same processes as we do for client-requested LQAs.

At Logrus IT, the LQA service is completely separate from translation and localization. This means we use separate PMs and teams, QA Specialists and linguists, and rely on a “blind” QA approach.

Apart from that, we are happy to offer LQA consulting services, including:

  • Creating a customized quality model based on our universal Quality Triangle approach
  • Developing one or more quality metrics that are fully aligned with the chosen quality model and cover a variety of materials, urgency and cost requirements
  • Helping your company create and implement a complete quality process. This can be built around both quality assurance and checking tools developed over the years at Logrus IT, or around third-party tools and solutions


  • During the last decade, we’ve carried out an impressive number of independent LQAs, covering 35 mainstream and 40 rare languages. On average, we complete 200-400 LQA projects a year.
  • We have an automated booking and tracking portal for ordering LQAs. This portal takes into account LQA specifics such as the set and sequence of operations, varying volumes for different languages or language groups, etc. 
  • All our experts are experienced linguists with at least 3-5 years of active practice in the LQA area. Moreover, all our LQA specialists go through a customized training, including both general LQA basics and principles and customer/product-specific training.
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