Logrus IT’s suite of services includes linguistic quality assurance (LQA), which entails evaluating the quality of translations performed by in-house employees or freelancers.

Why is LQA necessary?

LQA can be an appropriate solution if you:

  • Frequently translate into multiple languages, but have no employees who speak those languages and can evaluate the quality of your translations
  • Are uncertain about the quality of a translation provider’s services and would like to get an objective expert opinion.

Why is LQA necessary?

LQA can help you determine:

  • Exactly how accurately a translation conveys the meaning of the source text
  • Whether or not there are errors in a translation and how critical they are
  • Whether or not a translation corresponds to the cultural, linguistic, and legal characteristics of the target country.

As a rule, in order to determine the quality of a translation, the linguists from the LQA team only need a few fragments of the translated text. This approach is especially convenient if you need to evaluate a large amount of translated material in a short period of time or on a limited budget.


What you get after LQA

Once the evaluation is complete, we provide you with a detailed report that includes:

  • A numerical score for the translation’s accuracy and readability
  • A list of errors, each with its own category and degree of severity
  • Various corrections for any errors
  • The linguist’s comments and conclusion.

What you get after LQA

Why Logrus IT?

Our LQA team includes specialists with many years of experience in the linguistic testing field. We complete about 300 LQA projects a year and evaluate translations from over 80 languages. Microsoft, McAfee, Nexters, and other companies use our services on a regular basis.

Logrus IT’s experts use a proprietary method called the Triangle of Quality to evaluate translation quality. We use this method to determine the overall quality of a translation, as well as the severity of each individual grammatical, stylistic, and terminological error. Moreover, this method can be flexibly adapted to meet the needs of various kinds of materials, as well as limited time frames and budgets.

In addition to LQA, we can also:

  • Develop an individualized LQA strategy for you based on our own method
  • Help you embed quality assurance within your company using tools and utilities developed by Logrus IT, as well as third-party solutions

If our LQA evaluation determines that a translation’s quality is insufficient, Logrus IT’s specialists can edit your text or retranslate it from scratch. You can find a full list of our services here.

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