Video Production

Logrus IT has been producing educational, promotional and corporate videos since 2007. We can create turnkey video content, as well as take care of any related individual tasks.

Just for you, we will:

  • Create a video script, voice-over text, subtitles and screen captions.
  • Come up with a rendering concept for animation.
  • Draw the characters of the video according to your chosen concept and teach them to move naturally.
  • Come to your location and shoot a video with your employees and/or products, or invite professional actors to the shooting pavilion.
  • Voice the video, select the music, and apply sound effects.
  • Edit the video.

Examples of the Video Production:

Video Production at Logrus IT Video Production


Other examples

Logrus IT is a company with an extensive experience in localization, including subtitles and voice acting. We produce videos in more than 100 languages and can bring your idea to the target audience almost anywhere in the world.

We cooperate with major international companies such as Kaspersky, KIA Motors, McDonald’s, Microsoft and others. We would love to see you join this list.



Turnkey video production

Script development
and creating texts

Developing a creative concept


Animation or shooting

(editing, voice acting, sound design)


  • We have been creating video content for 13 years.
  • We employ only those professionals who are passionate about what they do. All participants in the process, from project managers to voice actors, undergo a careful selection process. The company offers regular training to its personnel, which is combined with constant checks of the level of competence of its employees and the quality of materials at all stages.
  • Logrus IT is an international group of companies. We will be happy to not only create a video from scratch, but also localize it into more than 100 languages, put together a trailer, and complete other tasks, as necessary.
  • We adhere to a flexible pricing policy and can figure out how to create an exciting video for you in line with your objectives and budget.


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