Design is the most important marketing weapon. You can’t have an advertising campaign or business meeting without it. But a high-quality design shouldn’t just look nice, it should also be functional – it needs to attract attention, deliver information, create a favorable, commercially effective image, and be memorable. ​

At Logrus IT, we’ve been providing a wide variety of design, multimedia and desktop publishing (DTP) services to our clients for more than two decades.

Our solutions include both the development of original content and the multilingual localization of existing content.

Among our clients are Samsung, Adobe, Kaspersky Lab, McDonald's, BMW, Canon, and many others.


Multilingual Desktop Publishing

  • Localizing charts, tables, diagrams, screenshots, and other elements
  • Laying out localized materials to match the source
  • Restoring mock-ups when no source is available
  • Checking layout quality
  • Matching localized materials to linguistic standards

Design Development

  • Corporate design​
  • Tablet rendering
  • Comics​
  • Signature style​
  • Logos​
  • Icons​
  • Infographics

Digital & Offset Printing

  • Design development and mock-up creation​
  • Pre-printing preparation (retouching, color correction, etc.)​
  • Digital and offset printing​
  • Production of souvenirs, booths, and POS materials​
  • Post-printing processing (cutting, folding, assembly, etc.)​
  • Quality control and delivery

Multimedia Development & Localization

  • Video​
  • Flash video​
  • Trailers​
  • Online video games​
  • Interactive training sessions​
  • Marketing slide shows and presentations​
  • GIF, JPG, and Flash banners

Website Development

  • Design and prototypes
  • Connecting CMS and programming
  • Connecting payment systems
  • Mobile versions of sites and applications
  • Maintenance


Design Development

Logrus IT offers design development services for several scenarios:

  • Creating a design from scratch (in vector or raster formats)
  • Creating a design based on existing corporate identity
  • Developing an original design of corporate identity

Design development includes:

  • Two or three design variants for you to select from
  • Finalization of your selected option
  • Desktop publishing


Multilingual Desktop Publishing

In addition to design work, we professionally typeset all materials and perform prepress tasks. Multilingual layout includes localization of graphics, diagrams, screenshots, and other elements, as well as complete quality checks of localized materials to ensure that all of them comply to local language and other standards.

Our experts can produce multi-lingual layouts in more than 45 languages, including languages that are written from right to left (Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Urdu) and character-based languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai).


Multimedia Localization

We’re happy to localize your existing multimedia content into multiple languages. Logrus IT has been localizing computer games and multimedia for more than two decades, including the localization of 500+ computer games for major publishers.

Logrus IT has a unique advantage: We combine top-notch competence in all things related to multimedia with robust, sophisticated localization and quality control processes and extensive experience with complex, large-scale software and firmware localization projects for leading publishers, including Microsoft, Samsung, Logitech, Kaspersky Lab, and many others.


Multimedia Development

Multimedia technologies are a powerful way to influence your target audience and are often implemented as an effective promotion tool, as they cover a variety of data presentation channels.

We offer a range of multimedia solutions that cater to various customer needs:

  • Video clips
  • Presentations
  • Catalogs
  • Banners
  • Other multimedia content

Video clips

Short animated or shooted video clips are often used in online promotions. We offer full production cycle, including scriptwriting, shooting, editing, adding effects and voiceover. The advantage of using animation is the fact that it is less likely to be perceived as advertising and, therefore, more likely to resonate with the target audience.

Multimedia presentations

These presentations provide information about the company, product or event in an electronic format with the use of multimedia technologies. Presentations can include the following elements: video, audio, 3D models, drawings and pictures, text, animations, navigation buttons, and other interactive features. These have a more complex (often non-linear) structure than video clips and include interactive elements.

Slideshows are presentations with content assembled from photos or illustrations and visually enhanced with graphic elements, animated transitions and, in some cases, audio. They typically supplement presentations.

We carry out the full cycle of services related to the creation of multimedia content, from concept design and scriptwriting to final product testing.

Multimedia catalogs

Interactive electronic catalogs provide a visual format to submit a list of products or services. They can include graphics, audio, navigation, and interactivity. The multimedia directory is analogous to traditional paper catalogs or brochures, but interactive elements like image scaling, flipping pages, and sound are a great way to attract more attention.

Tools we use

To create multimedia materials, we use Silverlight technology, Flash, ActiveX, DirectX and Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Audition, After Effects, Premiere Pro), Quark Xpress, Sony Vegas Pro, Microsoft Office and other software.


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