To achieve success, it is important not only to provide high-quality products and/or services, but also to actively market yourself to customers, both potential and current.

The life of any company revolves around content: product and service catalogs, newsletters for subscribers and partners, advertising brochures, website materials, social media/blog posts, the list goes on. The more interesting and informative the content, the greater the appeal of your company, turning potential sales into real ones.

Logrus IT will help run your website and social media accounts, keep clients and customers informed of your products and achievements, and train employees and partners. Our focus is on quality. Every text that we produce is the result of close-knit collaboration between the project manager, author, copy editor, and proofreader.

We work with major international companies such as Kaspersky, Kia, Samsung, and Canon — and will be delighted to see you among our clients too!


Articles and news
for websites and print media

Software manuals

Social media posts

Mailings and newsletters

Corporate video scripts

Educational materials


  • Our company has more than 10 years' experience in the field of content creation.
  • We adhere to the copywriting — editing — proofreading paradigm, with a dedicated specialist responsible for each stage. This approach enables every team member to focus on their own individual task, resulting in a text of superior quality: with a logical structure, verified facts, and free of typos and other errors that could ruin the impression.
  • Our employees are professionals with at least two years' experience who love their job. All authors and editors undergo mandatory testing and training before they start handling assignments.
  • In addition to copywriting, we provide localization and multimedia content creation. Not only do we compose texts, we offer translation into more than 100 languages, website layout design, and video creation, including graphics, shooting, and voiceover.
  • We create content in multiple languages.


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