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Logrus IT relies on the Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium Cloud solution, which gives all of our employees and partners seamless, distributed access to email, contacts, schedules, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for Business cloud storage.

Tech Any platform, any location, 24/7 access

This is a lifesaver for urgent projects starting after business hours or on weekends. It is often the case that a PM only needs to confirm or acknowledge the task and/or notify the team, all of which can be easily accomplished using a mobile device, allowing timelines to progress more efficiently and smoothly.

Tech Safe and secure OneDrive for Business and email storage

Access to cloud resources across our offices provides an easier, more reliable way for the entire team to effectively collaborate on agile projects. We also use it extensively to publish company- and group-wide instructions, guidelines, and documents.

Tech Global communications and teleconferences with Microsoft Teams

This feature lets us discuss projects and new initiatives both internally and with clients, and grants access to a range of features including presentation/screen sharing, whiteboard, etc.

Tech Critical servers (email, file storage, MS Teams) at Microsoft datacenters

Higher reliability and uptime, email backup, and cloud copies of all important files. We no longer have to set up physical servers on-site or place Exchange servers in datacenters.

For us it’s a paradigm shift, not just change in access credentials

  • Unmatched server uptime, cloud access possibilities and reliability
  • No need to create mini-datacenters in-house
  • Paper -> No paper -> No email (almost)
    • Company-wide and small group announcements via Yammer
    • Quick-access, company-wide knowledge bases in OneNote on SharePoint sites
    • Links to more in-depth documents on OneDrive for Business

Tech Cloud-based processes

  • eSigning most client agreements
  • PandaDoc used for all supplier agreements
  • eManagement of POs, invoices and payments with the proprietary, cloud-based ERP system
    • Rates, project specs, POs, invoices, payments, employees, clients
    • Partner portal with complete visibility (specs, POs, invoices, payments)
    • External real-time portals for project tracking
  • Proprietary, universal, flexible, hybrid LQA methodology and metrics integrated into the process

We offer

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