Pleasant Productivity: Training Customers with E-Learning

Training Customers with E-Learning

One of the most effective ways to earn the loyalty of customers and partners is to teach them the right way to use your product or service. We’re not talking about written instructions – they’re boring and complicated, and nobody wants to read them. E-learning, or training courses based on modern digital technology, can help you attract and retain customers.

According to research conducted by Brandon Hall, over half of companies surveyed have been using e-learning elements to train their customers and business partners since 2012. For example, specialists from KIA have replaced old paper owner’s manuals with a multi-functional app that uses a series of short videos to teach drivers to set up their vehicle and take advantage of its features in way they can easily understand.

Video for Kia Customers Video for Kia Customers

The advantages of e-learning technology

E-learning technology’s primary advantage lies in the fact that your options for using it are limited only by your imagination. An e-course’s form, structure, and content can be mixed and matched freely. Skilled e-learning specialists will help you bring your boldest, most creative ideas to life, and they’ll also give you suggestions about which format and distribution method will help you accomplish your goals. This way your training course will be not only unique and informative, but also easily digestible.

Depending on your needs and your product’s features, you can create:

  • small topic-based modules customers can use to familiarize themselves with each of your product’s functions individually
  • an extensive online library of informative articles, videos, and recorded webinars where customers can find answers to their questions and additional information about your product
  • detailed e-courses that will help customers deal with problems one step at a time as they arise.

Keep in mind that these kinds of materials don’t just teach users how to use your product. They also help you reduce expenses related to tech support and, most importantly, they’re also an effective promotional tool.

Videos and online manuals can reveal all the advantages of your product to potential buyers and increase demand. A striking example of this is Kaspersky’s e-courses designed for the company’s partners. On one hand, they teach users about cyber-security in an accessible way, showing users how to protect their infrastructure against potential threats; and on the other, they demonstrate the effectiveness of Kaspersky’s solutions, positioning the company as one of the leaders in the IT security field.

Video for Kaspersky eLearning Video for Kaspersky eLearning

In addition, a satisfied customer who can master all the finer points of a product on their own without having to contact tech support is more likely to recommend you to their family and coworkers. As we all know, word of mouth can sometimes work better than any marketing campaign.

Best practices for customer-focused e-learning

If you want to make your training materials for customers as productive and effective as possible, there are a few principles you should adhere to.

  1. Break your material up into modules with intuitive navigation
    Customers always prefer to spend as little time as possible on training. They want to be able to learn things when it’s convenient for them and watch content as many times as they need to. So, all your materials should be divided logically into modules and lessons. You also want to think about topic-based navigation. This allows customers to find exactly what they’re looking for without getting lost in a huge list of files.
  2. Offer training in advance
    Always offer customers training materials before they realize they need them – for example, before they buy a product or service. Offering training during this early phase will help inexperienced users familiarize themselves with your product’s features ahead of time and avoid potential questions and problems, and it’ll also help you save money on tech support.
  3. Make it easy to understand
    E-courses for customers are no place for complex technical terms and professional jargon. Training materials should be equally understandable to new and regular customers alike. To avoid boring your customer and make sure they master all the materials as effectively as possible, you can use various e-learning elements within a single module, including videos, images, text, interactive dialogs, and other tools.
  4. Offer personalized training
    Every customer has their own preferences when it comes to the format of e-courses, so you should have training materials in your arsenal that vary in terms of structure, content, and method of distribution. How effective your training materials are depends on how well you can anticipate your target audience’s needs.

In conclusion, training based on e-learning technology can be a real boon to your business. An attractive format and convenient topic-based modules will help you earn the trust of your customers and partners, reduce your tech-support-related expenses, and increase demand for your product.

The experts at Logrus IT can help you choose an effective strategy for interacting with your customers. Our team includes experienced designers, methodologists, copywriters, and programmers who create not only training materials for clients, but also corporate e-leaning courses for training employees. Our clients include Kaspersky, Kia, McDonald’s, Nordgold, and many other companies.

Check out our blog to learn more about the types of e-learning, effective formats for corporate training, and how to properly develop e-courses and use the best methodological practices within your company.

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