Reliably Measuring Something That Isn't Completely Objective

A new article by Logrus IT’s CEO, Leonid Glazychev, has been published in Linguistics and Literature Studies, a professional journal issued by Horizon Research Publishing Corporation. Below is the abstract and the download link.


The article introduces the first hybrid language quality assurance (LQA) methodology for translated texts, the Quality Triangle. This methodology was developed to assess original translated materials, with no available reference translations. It combines holistic and analytical approaches and provides the most flexible solution for a wide variety of applications and subject areas. Special attention is paid to the proposed approach detailing how holistic quality factors can be taken into account given the challenge they represent: these factors need to be assessed, but are at the same time not completely objective by definition. The resulting Quality Triangle methodology provides a reliable model for incorporating semi-objective, holistic factors into quality assurance metrics and can serve as the foundation for building models applicable in real production processes and serving a multitude of purposes.

Reprint (PDF) (580Kb)

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