Logrus IT new site design

We have completely redesigned the look and navigation of our site. Now you can find relevant information more easily and quickly, including when using a mobile device. The new site meets all the latest requirements in terms of adaptability and download speed.

The new design concept is inspired by the Giant’s Causeway, a picturesque natural wonder on the coast of Northern Ireland. The causeway is made up of interlocking basalt columns that formed as a result of a volcanic eruption about 60 million years ago.

Giant's Causeway. County Antrim, Ireland, 1890s.

Irish folklore contains several legends about the origin of this natural monument. According to one, the causeway was laid by the Scottish giant Benandonner in order to cross the Irish Sea and do battle with Fionn mac Cumhaill (aka Finn MacCool). As the giant lay resting on the shore after building the bridge, Fionn’s wife Oona cunningly wrapped her husband in swaddling clothes as if he were her infant son. When Benandonner awoke and saw the giant "baby" lying there, he imagined how enormous the father must be, and retreated in haste, destroying the bridge behind him. 

But times have a-changed, and we decided to recreate the Giant's Causeway on our site as a symbolic bridge connecting languages ​​and cultures.

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