Logrus IT's anniversary

This year, we celebrate 25 years in business! We like to think that 25 is the perfect age when one is truly alive with vital strength and energy, and experience allows one not to waste them in vain.

This celebratory corporate anniversary for Logrus IT will be remembered for a long time by all participants. And this is why.

We went sailing:





competed in dancing battles:





hit the bull's-eye:




hit some golf balls:



threw frisbees:




played ping pong:




threw some darts:



gave out awards:




chatted with a beautiful cat:



and enjoyed lots of eating and drinking (it was a celebration, after all!):




And that's not counting the traditional songs with acoustic guitar accompaniment and storytelling from the company leadership. At the finale, all the survivors got to enjoy the festive fireworks and a drawing for a three-liter bottle of Jack Daniel's.



All in all, we had a great time and were truly inspired by the future opportunities that await us all!



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