Logrus IT Celebrates its Anniversary

August is vacation month for all Logrus IT employees, since the company celebrates its anniversary at the end of the month. This year, we’re both a year and twenty-four years old at the same time. There’s some strange arithmetic for you.



A lot of employees have worked at the company for a long time, and the founders have been working long and hard on localization for nearly a quarter century (twenty-four years to be exact). Our team was one of the first to offer localization services to foreign software developers who wanted to get into the chaotic and totally obscure Russian market in the early 90s. 



The company started working under the name Logrus IT a year ago, and we’ve accomplished a lot since then: new services with large customers; we’ve learned how to offer new services, set ourselves up in an awesome, comfortable office — all in all, we’ve been able to do even more than we expected. And all this is thanks to our solid team of employees, both long-time and young, since a company’s success always depends on the people who work for it.



Logrus IT invited employees and their friends and families to come and celebrate our anniversary. We went rollerblading at the Roll Hall (this was the first time for a lot of people), played laser tag and pool (this was safer), and scored bowling strikes (persistence paid off). We couldn’t do otherwise. If a company offers its customers such a variety of services and solutions, it should also know how to relax: taking every opportunity and to the max. After good rest, I’ll go back to work and do my best to get great results!

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