Logrus IT at McDonald’s Career Day


On April 19th fast food giant McDonalds held a career day at Moscow School of Management Skolkovo. The event was attended by over 1,000 employees of McDonald’s establishments in cities all over Russia. The program included presentations by top McDonald’s managers, master classes, lectures, various activities, and rewards for the best employees.



Logrus IT teamed up with the McDonald’s Training and Development Center to present a career day stand entitled “Digital Training Technologies.” The stand allowed anyone who was interested to learn more about the company’s online training program and sign up for a free three-day leadership skills class.



A special focus of the stand was the CAMPUS distance learning system. This system allows McDonald’s employees to train on a wide variety of devices, at any time, in any place with an internet connection, as well as take tests and track the results of their training.



Logrus IT has been working with McDonald’s in the e-learning field since 2012. Our e-learning specialists have developed and implemented dozens of training courses for CAMPUS that have been and continue to be taken by thousands of people.



The distance learning market is gaining more and more traction every day, and we can say with confidence that the demand for these systems will only continue to grow. Our team would be eager to help you develop training courses for your employees.

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