Logrus IT at LocWorld Warsaw

On June 6-8, Warsaw hosted the 37th LocWorld Conference, devoted to all things localization. The leitmotif of the event was "Digital Transformation," which could hardly be more relevant in the era of Big Data, neural networks, the IoT, and the blockchain.



Modern tech has shaken up the localization industry, too. The conference program included presentations on the latest developments in machine translation, translation management systems, translation memory, data security, agile localization, and much more besides.



Logrus IT CEO Leonid Glazychev, together with Pavel Doronin of Smartcat, delivered a report on the advantages of cloud platforms for managing urgent and large-scale localization projects. Our experience of such projects was cited as an example: in November 2017 the Logrus IT team successfully coped with the translation of 400,000 words in the tightest of deadlines.



LocWorld is a superb opportunity to exchange professional experience and get up close with the latest trends in the field of localization. See you at future conferences!


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