Logrus IT at Computex Taipei 2019


In late May Logrus IT attended the Computex Taipei exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan.

Computex Taipei in an international IT and electronics exhibition that has been held annually since 1981. The exhibition has grown tremendously since then, transforming from a local conference into one of the largest events in the IT industry. For example, this year the exhibition was held in three different venues simultaneously, so our delegates had to work hard to make it to everything.



Computex Taipei is attended every year by representatives of companies from a wide range of countries, and the event’s program includes presentations, discussions, and lectures. Incidentally, thanks to the exhibition's international status, attendees don't even need to speak Chinese — all they need is English.



In 2019 the main topics of Computex Tapei were artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, 5G, blockchain technology, innovation and startups, and gamification.

Awards are also given out at Computex Taipei for outstanding contributions to the industry. This year a gold medal was awarded to Asus for developing an innovative smartphone with an extendable camera, Acer for developing a “universal gaming chair”, and AMD for the powerful AMD Radeon VII gaming video card.



All in all, it was a huge, fascinating exhibition and an excellent venue in which to search for business partners and clients in the Asian market.


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