Announcement: Logrus IT at UTICamp 2019


UTICamp, an international conference for specialists in the translation field, will take place in Ukraine from July 22nd to 28th. This event brings hundreds of professionals from various countries together every year. In addition to industry-related presentations, a number of master classes and outdoor activities will be available (UTICamp is held in the suburbs of Dnipro, on the campus of a sports and health camp).

Logrus IT will be an active participant in the upcoming conference.

First of all, this year our company is a gold sponsor of the event.

Second, on July 27th our CEO Leonid Glazychev and Director of Logrus IT Ukraine Fyodor Bezrukov will give two presentations: one about the use of machine translation (MT Deployment: Best Practices) and one about creating quality assurance metrics (Cabbages and Quality: Creating Quality Metrics Applicable in Real Life).

In addition, on July 26th Leonid and Tatyana Struk from Linguistic Centre® will conduct a ceremony to open the conference’s primary discussion sections and moderate a section called “The Business of Translation” (both days).

On July 27th Leonid will participate in a round table discussion dedicated to new translation and localization technologies.

And, last but not least, throughout the conference you’ll have a chance to get to know our company better at our booth.

You can sign up for the conference here

See you at UTICamp!


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