26 Years in the Localization Business


Our team celebrated its 26th anniversary in mid-August.

And we really did have something to celebrate — the company has actively grown in many ways over the last year.



First of all, we’ve added copywriting and multi-language tech support for business to our line of services and significantly increased the volume of creative projects such as video and online course development.



Second, the Logrus IT family has grown along with our capabilities. It’s become a tradition here to see not just familiar faces at our anniversary celebrations, but also lots of new employees, as well as guests.




We aren’t just constantly expanding our line of services and recruiting new professionals to our team, we’re also fortifying our position on foreign markets — our offices in China and South Korea have grown actively over the last year.



As our guests can confirm, we don’t just know how to reach new heights in our work — we also know how to celebrate our accomplishments. In a massive entertainment center, our employees showed off their roller-skating skills, bowled strikes, shot pool, fought laser tag duels, and played countless arcade games.





But for us, every anniversary isn’t just a chance to remember our company's long, rich history. We also used this celebration as an opportunity to look to the future. And you’d better believe we aren't about to rest on our laurels!



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