Our difference

At Logrus IT, we’re driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence. Our agile, feedback-oriented approach and unmatched commitment to quality have continued to fulfill and surpass our clients’ expectations since 1993.

Today, the enthusiastic project managers and skilled production teams you know and trust uphold our client-centric tradition of delivering elegant, efficient end-to-end localization solutions.

We build customized, cloud-based solutions for every customer and project line and are devoted to helping you select the process and quality levels that optimally fulfill your unique set of needs and expectations.


  • An extensive history of successfully applying our agile approach to large, multi-year localization projects and processes


  • Unique quality management and control operations are integral to our process and are always included at no extra charge
  • Cost-saving pricing on quality iterations

Our holistic approach

  • Sophisticated and mature processes
    • An innovative, flexible translation process covering 100+ languages with the optimal combination of TM and MT
    • Robust, turnkey terminology creation and maintenance
    • All processes are based on our unique Quality Triangle methodology and metrics and combine holistic and atomistic factors
    • A paperless, no-email, time-saving approach to most standard business processes, including supplier and client management, quote generation, PO creation, invoicing, etc.
  • A unique, talented production team
    • Big enough to handle your projects
    • Small enough to truly listen and provide the individual attention you deserve
    • Hands-on, solid coverage of 25+ critical local markets
    • All technical tasks performed in-house
    • 120+ employees working at 6 production sites in 9 countries across 14 time zones (We literally follow the sun, seamlessly transferring projects from one office to another to ensure urgent, agile projects are delivered on time!)
    • Our lean management team thrives on the combined expertise of seasoned members and the innovative, game-changing initiatives of fresh talent.
    • Each board member has 10+ years of experience in the industry
    • Ability to work with minimal context
  • A network of qualified, tested, and trusted in-country suppliers
    • We work exclusively with native speakers residing in the respective regions
    • A robust, direct multilingual network without chain subcontracting
    • Ample numbers of trained and tested resources for each language, including teams equipped for large-scale projects and experienced freelancers for smaller-scale projects and tasks requiring unique competences
    • Carefully selected translators for each area, task and content type
    • Comprehensive, competent coverage of 50+ rare languages
  • The Quality Triangle, an original, universal quality assurance model and methodology  combining holistic and atomistic criteria
  • Cutting-edge technology, methodology, metrics and processes
    • Our entirely cloud-based infrastructure ensures efficiency and reliability. Everyone at Logrus IT utilizes Microsoft’s Office 365 Business Premium, including cloud-based storage (OneDrive for Business), email (Outlook), messaging and conferencing (Skype for Business), and other features. Documents such as supplier and client agreements, rates and NDAs are swiftly processed through DocuSign
    • A modular approach to both process and technology
    • Highly adaptable, TMS-independent, tool- and technology-neutral solutions
    • Maximally efficient use of automation
    • Elaborate and flexible, proprietary quality assurance tools with unmatched coverage (hundreds of checks with the lowest noise level) are fully integrated into the production process
    • Quality statistics and progress at your fingertips
    • Feedback-driven, iterative quality improvement
    • In-house ERP system covering the whole process from rates to work specifications and client quotes to purchase orders, invoices and payments to HR, etc. (Includes a partner portal where clients and suppliers can see the projects, specifications, POs, invoices and payments)
    • Ambitious and innovative research and development in localization

Unique range of high-quality services

  • Translation, high-tech software localization, game and multimedia localization, and learning course development and localization all represent our strong points
  • We’ve localized multiple versions of Microsoft Windows and Office into 20+ languages since 1993, including 40+ language versions of Windows and Office LIP packages for rare languages
  • Microsoft preferred solution provider since 1993
  • We localized software, firmware, drivers, manuals for hundreds of Samsung smartphones and printers, Logitech devices, etc.
  • We’ve been localizing games since 1997, including numerous AAA titles for Ubisoft, Blizzard, Cartoon Network, Disney Interactive, and many others. We’ve completed 500+ games for 40 clients, and received multiple awards for game localization quality.
  • We have our very own recording studio on the premises that supports all genres and a number of platforms, including mobile.
  • We continuously develop learning courses for Kaspersky Lab, McDonald’s, and other clients. These involve custom development, trans-creation, cultural adaptation and localization.
  • Independent evaluation of localization quality, translation intelligibility and adequacy (also known as language quality assurance, or LQA) of any materials your company has localized in-house or using a third party
  • Language Quality Assurance consulting, process implementation and metric development for your business
  • Terminology creation and management
  • Voiceovers and video adaptation and localization
  • Web design, graphics, and more
  • Custom software development and engineering