Logrus IT’s team of devoted professionals comes from a strong technical and linguistic background.

We share common goals and aspirations and encourage continuous cooperation between project teams and employees.

  • 7 offices in 6 countries
  • 120+ in-house employees
  •  900+ freelancers all over the world

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Multilingual Localization

Design & Multimedia

Game Localization


Business Development

China Team

Ukraine Team

Kazakhstan Team


Multilingual localization

Contact: partnership@logrusit.com

Head: Andrey Kirpikov, Chief Operations Officer (COO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Logrus IT Board member

Logrus IT team

This is the largest production team at Logrus IT, comprised of 50+ editors, proofreaders, project managers and quality checkers.

It’s an entire factory of high-quality translations with well-customized processes and highly flexible capabilities. This team is on a first-name basis with agile localization, and can ensure lightning-fast turnarounds of multilingual materials, which includes a special process to accommodate weekend deliveries.

Over the years, we have worked on and delivered on major projects from Top 1000 companies, including Cartoon Network, IBM, Kaspersky Lab, Logitech, Microsoft, Samsung, and many others.

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 Andrey Kirpikov,
Department Head

 Alexandr Andreev,
Deputy Head

Design & Multimedia

Contact: dtp@logrusit.com

Head: Valeria Pavlova

Logrus IT team

Our incredibly creative and multitalented team of designers is highly skilled in graphics and multimedia and, with a little help from programmers, has the ability to produce complex animations, websites, and more.

Valeria Pavlova,
Department Head
Denis Filosofov,
Project manager
Alexandra Zaytseva,
Senior specialist


Game localization

Contact: games@logrusit.com

Head: Andrey Kovalev

Logrus IT team

The main thing the members of this team have in common is that they’re all die-hard game industry enthusiasts and hardcore gamers—which probably explains the level of passion and accuracy in their approach to each game localization project.

To date, the team has localized several hundred games for multiple platforms, including quite a number of AAA titles for leading world publishers such as Blizzard, Disney, Microsoft, Ubisoft, and many others.

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Andrey Kovalev,
Department Head
Anton Litvinenko,
Deputy Head
Oleg Mironov,
Project manager



Contact: elearning@logrusit.com

Head: Vladimir Nakropin

Logrus IT team

Logrus IT began actively working in this area several years ago, but the project portfolio is already impressive—multiple top brands have already become our clients.

Our team both designs interactive e-Learning courses from scratch and localizes them into multiple languages, with the prime focus on usability and modern education trends.

Vladimir Nakropin,
Department Head
Natalya Vostrecova,
Project manager


Business Development

Contact: partnership@logrusit.com

Head: Denis Novikov, Director, Business Development, Logrus IT Board member

Logrus IT team

Our Sales and Marketing teams make up our Business Development department—a total of 10 employees. Though this team may be small, the major results speak for themselves: regional offices in 5 countries and dozens of top international clients!

Denis Novikov Business Development glccgmg08rnqlrx0sschsnjnqg0pth5b
Denis Novikov,
Department Head
Irina Kormenok,
Deputy Head


China team

Contact: locpms@locustech.cn

Head: Mikhail Tikhonov, Regional Director

Our Chinese office is the latest addition to our network—we opened our doors in Chengdu (central China) in 2014. A small but committed team of native-speaking editors and project managers headed by Mikhail work hard to conquer the new market, and successfully so!

Mikhail Tikhonov,
Regional Director


Ukraine team

Contact: partnership@logrusit.com

Head: Fedor Bezrukov, Director, Logrus IT Board member


Our Ukrainian office is the second biggest one. It was created more than 10 years ago and is located in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

The office is heavily involved in international project management and covers both Russian and Ukrainian localization, as well as numerous multimedia and design tasks.

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Fedor Bezrukov,
Igor Zavadsky,
Deputy Director,
Editor in Chief



Kazakhstan team

Contact: kazakh-pms@logrusit.com
Head: Aisulu Zhakupova, Regional Director

This team is responsible for all translations into Kazakh language and business development in Kazakhstan. The office is located in Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty, which makes cooperation with our customers on the rapidly evolving Kazakh market.

Aisulu Zhakupova,
Regional Director
Turar Taliev,