Our vision

At Logrus IT, we believe the key to thriving in the digital age is vibrating at the frequency of change, but doing so with the wisdom of perspective and experience. Innovating wisely is a matter of efficiency—knowing what to replace, what to modify, and what to keep. That’s why our growth-oriented culture actively incorporates both. Our lean management team thrives on the combined expertise of seasoned members and the innovative, game-changing initiatives of fresh talent. Three new board members have recently joined three members who have been with Logrus IT since day one. All board members have vested interest in the company’s success.

As we continue to move onwards and upwards, we’ve refreshed our packaging to better reflect the spirit of our company. Our sleek new exterior—the retro aesthetic of our website and updated logo—is a tribute to our firm belief in clarity, efficiency, our refusal to be “just like everyone else,” and our history, which traces back to a handful of overeducated technology and computer enthusiasts in an obscure one-room office and a 9600 bps dial-up connection.

Today, the enthusiastic project managers and skilled production teams you know and trust uphold our client-centric tradition of delivering elegant, efficient end-to-end localization solutions. We build customized, cloud-based solutions for every customer and project line and are devoted to helping you select the process and quality levels that optimally fulfill your unique set of needs and expectations.