Leonid Glazychev Logrus IT CEO

Leonid Glazychev, CEO

Graduated with honors from the Moscow Physics-Technical Institute (Russia), specializing in theoretical physics (plasma) and computer simulation. Started career as an engineer at the Moscow Radio-Engineering Institute, got Ph.D. degree in physics & mathematics in 1988, and by 1990 became a senior research associate. Joined one of the first software localization projects for the Russian language in 1991. In 1993 Leonid co-founded Logrus, the first professional translation and software localization company in Russia, and has served as the company’s CEO since then.

 Roman Pykhov COO

Roman Pykhov, COO

Graduated with honors from the Moscow Physics-Technical Institute (Russia), specializing in laser physics and computer simulation. Started career as an engineer/scientific researcher at the Institute of General Physics of Academy of Sciences. Joined Logrus in 1994 as a freelance translator, completed a full path from editor, software localizer and engineer to project manager to Executive director. Extensive experience in managing huge multi-language localization projects, deep knowledge of localization tools and processes.

 Denis Novikov Business Development

Denis NovikovDirector, Business Development

Denis has two college degrees. In 1995 he graduated with Honors as Linguist from Orekhovo-Zuevskij Pedagogical Institute; in 2002 Denis got a Master degree in Economics from Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. His entire career has been with localization industry. Since 2005 in Logrus, Denis has been rising from Project Manager to Managing Director. Currently Denis is CEO in one of Logrus IT’s legal entities, as well as taking care of key Logrus IT business development projects.

 Andrey Kirpikov CTO

Andrey Kirpikov, COO & Chief Technical Officer

Andrey graduated from Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics in 2003 with a degree in engineering. Andrey began his career at Logrus in 2005 as a Senior Project Manager in the Multilingual Department. He has implemented new services such as linguistic quality assurance and glossary maintenance from scratch and continues to oversee them. His engineering and PM background has helped him implement a new project management system that is still in use and has constantly improved – even during migration to new technologies. He has extensive experience managing projects involving 100+ languages and millions of words. Andrey supervises all software development projects and has acted as both Executive and Technical Director at the Logrus IT Group of companies since 2016.


Oleg Breslavsky, Chief Financial Officer

Oleg graduated from Moscow Engineering Physics Institute in 1985. Co-founded Logrus in 1993 and has been Technical and Financial Director since then.


Fedor Bezrukov, Director of Logrus IT Ukraine

Fedor graduated from the Kyiv Taras Shevchenko University in 2000. Started as a freelance translator in 1998, joined Logrus International Corporation in 2006 as the Department Head. Managed localization of the biggest, most complex and visible projects from world leading publishers into the Ukrainian language. Appointed the Executive Director of Logrus Ukraine in 2009. Localization professional with more than 15 years of experience, Fedor is a staunch evangelist of new localization technologies and solutions.