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Logrus IT has been a changemaker on the international localization market since 1993.

We began as a tiny group of technology and computer enthusiasts, previously employed at various state research institutions that had been marginalized or become obsolete during the “Perestroika” era of the 1990s. We participated in first Russian software localizations, realized the amazing potential of the language -technology marriage, and decided to make it our future and, ultimately, our business. We became the first company in Russia to focus completely on software localization and documentation translation.

Gradually, this tiny collective of two people sitting in an obscure one-room office subleased from a state research institution with a 9600 bps dial-up Internet line has evolved into an international service company with multiple offices around the world offering translation, multimedia and software localization, e-learning courses development and localization, quality assurance, terminology management, graphic, design, and a number of other services.


Brief timeline



Company incorporation, opening offices in Russia and the USA
1996 First ERP localization projects
1997 Introduction of localization of multimedia and computer games
1998 Introduction of engineering and testing services
1998 First multilingual localization projects
2003 Introduction of software and website development and maintenance services

Launch of Global Terminology Support service for 20+ languages

2009 Introduction of copyrighting, outsourcing and interpreting services
(including equipment for simultaneous translation)

Office opens in Kazakhstan

  • Office opens in China
  • The Quality Triangle hybrid quality approach is first published. This approach lies at the basis of the Logrus IT quality solution. The complete solution includes unique scales for measuring holistic quality as well as pre-defined and custom quality metrics, and a modified issue catalogue based on the MQM
  • Launch of e-learning courses creation and localization services
  • Logrus IT emerges after the Logrus reorg in April, 2016, with the new team including:
    • 6 out of 7 Logrus board members, and 3 of 4 Logrus shareholders
    • All regional Logrus offices in China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the team in Tomsk, Russia
    • 70% of employees at the Logrus office in Moscow, Russia
  • The Moscow office moves to new, better, open-space premises
  • First commercial LQA projects for clients utilizing proprietary hybrid (holistic + atomistic) metrics developed by Logrus IT
  • Office opens in Suwon, South Korea