Translation and Localization

Logrus IT is proud to offer a truly unique range of high-quality services.

We’ve been expertly navigating the translation and localization landscape since 1993, so we understand that an instruction manual, a piece of software, and a marketing leaflet all require entirely different approaches, and we know how to deliver. From executing a full-scale ad campaign within your target market to the full-cycle localization and testing of an operating system — Logrus IT has you comprehensively covered.

  • We implement comprehensive quality processes and apply an in-house developed methodology for each of our projects.
  • Having a department dedicated to research and development gives Logrus IT the opportunity to work on complex projects that require the involvement of programmers, engineers, and testers. The design department, in addition to their primary responsibilities, is actively involved in desktop publishing of translated materials.
  • We have a recording studio on the premises, use professional-grade equipment, and have experienced casting experts, multimedia PMs, sound engineers and sound post-processing experts who understand all of the intricacies involved in creating the best possible sound. This lets us cut costs, increase quality, and shorten project completion times.
  • Our talent pool includes a large number of professional actors with extensive experience in film, television, and radio. For languages that we do not record ourselves, we rely on tested and trusted native speakers and numerous long-term partner studios across Europe, the US and Asia.

Translation Services

Our services include:

  • Multilingual Game and Multimedia Localization
  • Multilingual Software, Firmware and Website Localization
  • Multilingual technical translations in numerous areas including communications, consumer electronics, e-learning, electrical and mechanical engineering, electronic equipment, hospitality business, automotive, life sciences, and many others.
  • Machine translation and/or post-editing of machine-translated documents.

Using a proprietary process and technology allows us to properly assess the quality of machine translation and select a strategy that optimally meets time and budget constraints while meeting text output quality level demands.

  • Translation and trans-creation of Marketing Materials
  • Notarizations and Apostilles

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Additional Services

  • Unique outsourced localization quality assurance (LQA) services.

To provide our clients with an objective assessment of translation quality, Logrus IT offers a unique LQA service. The high demand for LQA led to the creation of a separate team of LQA specialists at Logrus IT. This team has successfully developed and implemented a unique quality assessment methodology (The Quality Triangle) that effectively overcomes the shortfalls of numerous well-known approaches. Read more about this unique service and its constituent processes here.

We provide a wide range of terminology services, including term extraction, terminology analysis, terminology database creation, and terminology QA checks.

  • Screenshots, graphic localization, page-setting (DTP), voiceovers, video localization and object modification, closed captions, subtitles, etc.


We work with 100+ languages, including all major European and Asian languages, as well as 50+ rare languages (including Afrikaans, Quechua, Thai, Swahili, Urdu, and many others) that present challenges in the way of technical, organizational, or economic constraints and are uniquely qualified to overcome project hurdles through cultural understanding, smart project management, and extensive engineering support.

Translation into Russian, Kazakh, Ukrainian and Chinese takes place at our own production offices in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and China. Language-related tasks for other target languages are covered by properly trained, carefully selected, tested and trusted individuals or teams. Regardless of the source or target language, all projects are carried out accordance with company-developed processes to ensure a consistently high level of quality.


Since 1993, Logrus IT has been a Microsoft Corp. preferred service provider involved in localizing most versions of Windows into several languages, starting with Windows 3.11.

Logrus IT experts continuously earn the praise of satisfied clients, many of whom have honored our work with recognitions and awards.

A special team of our enthusiastic, innovative employees is dedicated exclusively to the localization of games and has tackled major AAA titles like Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Civilization, Splinter Cell, Watch Dogs, and more.

We specialize in carrying out the complete localization cycle for multimedia learning courses (including scoring), documentation, advertising, and marketing materials.

Logrus IT ranks among the world’s top 50 firms in the field of multilingual localization, and has been a pioneer in various localization areas, including a complete terminology creation and management cycle, universal localization quality assurance methodology and metrics (LQA) that constitutes the core of the ASTM WK54884 proposal, development of top-notch, low-noise automated quality assurance tools, and many others.


Our greatest strength, of course, is the people we employ.

The specificity of our work requires not only linguistic talent, but a diverse team of project managers, graphic and web designers, programmers, sound engineers, editors, printers, and many other roles.

Getting a job at Logrus IT is far from easy—it requires successfully passing a three-stage selection process and, for translators and editors, edging out an average of 70+ other applicants. In short, our team is comprised of a very talented and highly dedicated group of individuals.

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