Quality Assurance

Logrus IT offers language quality assurance (LQA) as a standalone service for independently checking the in-house work of our clients or third parties. We also do internal, fully independent spot-checks of our own work as part of our process and apply the same processes as we do for client-requested LQAs.

At Logrus IT, the LQA service is completely separate from translation and localization. This means we use completely separate PMs and teams, QA Specialists and linguists, and rely on a “blind” QA approach (translation origin is not relevant and thus not conveyed to the LQA team).

Logrus IT_lqa

LQA portal

We have an automated booking and tracking portal for ordering LQAs. This portal takes into account LQA specifics such as the set and sequence of operations, varying volumes for different languages or language groups, etc. We can have a portal up and running for your company within a week!

The portal includes the following functionality:

  • Quick project booking self-service
  • Automated costing and time estimate
  • Immediate online project status
  • Summary reports
  • No Operations Missed

LQA team

The idea that any experienced translator or a local subsidiary employee can competently review translations is at least misleading. In reality this task requires a special approach, training and hands-on experience. It requires the reviewer to learn, master and strictly follow accepted quality metrics, glossaries and guidelines, put emotions or personal preferences aside, use standard feedback forms, etc.

That is why a wide network of highly qualified and trained LQA experts created over the years is an essential part of our LQA solution. It includes carefully selected, trained and tested LQA experts for all major 35+ languages and most other languages (and growing)

  • All our experts are experienced linguists with at least 3-5 years of active practice in the LQA area
  • All LQA specialists go through a customized training, including both general LQA basics and principles and customer/product-specific training


During the last decade, we’ve carried out an impressive number of independent LQAs, covering 35 mainstream and 40 rare languages for clients such as Microsoft, McAfee, SAP, and many others. On average, we complete 200-400 LQA projects a year.

Details on the quality model and metrics we apply for clients who do not have (or do not want to use) their own can be found in the following sections:

Quality Triangle methodology 

Quality Triangle metrics 

A more detailed description of the LQA process is available in a separate section.