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Game and Video Localization

At Logrus IT, we offer an unmatched range of skill and experience in software and game localization. Since 1997, we’ve localized over 500 games for 40+ clients, including major publishers like Blizzard, Cartoon Network (Turner Broadcasting System), Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts, Microsoft, Take-Two Interactive, Ubisoft, and more. We’ve received multiple awards for the outstanding quality of our game localization projects. You can view a selection of these projects here.

We have a professional in-house recording studio and collaborate with our trusted partner studios around the world to produce high-quality multilingual localizations. We work predominantly with professional actors and have a large casting database of actor contacts and voice samples.

Logrus IT’s project managers and technical experts all work full-time and have a deep understanding of what they do and what to look for. We partner with studios in various parts of the world and maintain long-term, bilateral relationships with all of them, which extend to knowledge of standards, equipment, processes, tools, etc. We only work with studios we trust—ones that have successfully fulfilled our testing standards. As with all of our projects, we’re always prepared with a back-up plan, such as having alternative studios in case something goes wrong or lags behind schedule.

Logrus IT diligently supervises all regional studios on-site:

  • Sample recording checks
  • Multiple translation checks

– Is it harmonious enough?

– Is the timing accurate?

  • Multiple onsite visits
  • Live recording control by a Logrus IT sound engineer
  • Planning partial re-recording and pick-up sessions as part of the project

Multimedia work chart

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Voice talents


  • We record Russian English (using professional expats), and several regional languages at our on-site studio in Moscow, Russia
  • 250+ professional voice actors with extensive television, radio and theater experience and a thorough understanding of Logrus IT’s game localization process

Europe & US 

  • 20+ professional actors with television experience in Kyiv (regional Logrus IT office)
  • 9 partner studios in Europe
  • 2 partner studios in the US

Altogether covering all European and major Asian languages

Quality of recording and post-editing checked multiple times, including an in-house QA

Final post-editing and engineering checks done in Moscow


Recording studio

recording studio

Our in-house studio in Moscow, Russia provides a full spectrum of services for game localization:

  • In-game dubbing
  • Voiceovers for Marketing & eLearning
  • Lipsyncing
  • In-house sound post-processing
  • Professional equipment
  • Meets MS & EA requirements

Sound Localization

Logrus IT has a vast experience of sound recording and processing:

  • Post-production and sound recording engineers in-house
  • Text extraction from sound clips
  • Cutting clips
  • Noise removal
  • Applying filters
  • Adding special effects
  • Developing automation tools for sound processing
  • Automatically cutting and naming pieces

A few behind-the-scenes examples:

  • Viva Pinata
    We worked simultaneously with 3 studios (1 per language)
  • Fable 2
    We recorded continuously for two months (7 days a week, 8-12 hours a day)

Logrus IT has successfully completed a large number of multimedia projects for clients like BMW, Kaspersky Lab, Microsoft, Nortel, Samsung, Thomson/NETg, and many others.

Video Localization

Engineers located in-house are doing the following and much more:

  • Processing marketing trailers
  • Mixing
  • Synchronization and incorporation of audio, music, sound effects
  • Applying filters
  • Adding special effects
  • Color correction
  • Adding subtitles

Game testing

Logrus IT offers all four types of game testing, including functional, linguistic, market relevance, and configuration testing:

Functional testing

  • Reveals engineering and localization bugs, including graphical bugs and hotkey clashes
  • For online games and other multi-player games, localized versions are tested for compatibility

Linguistic testing

  • Untranslated text or text that does not make contextual sense
  • Wrong corrections and lines with lengths exceeding software limitations
  • Synchronization between audio and video is checked

Market relevance testing (aka the “Hall-test” or “Play-test”)

  • Audience perception and mentality often varies significantly from region to region
  • Market relevance/suitability testing aims to assess market-specific game perception.
    A focus group of 15-25 local gamers (ranging in age and social status) plays the game. Focus group members complete a questionnaire (prepared by analysts) based on the specific of the game. This lets us forecast game potential on a particular market; produces recommendations for its best adaptation

Configuration testing

  • Done on various platforms and configurations
  • Imitates real-life experience


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